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Tropical BBQ & Grill is a site which will entertain, inform and enlighten you to the fine art of cooking tender meals over indirect heat for longer periods of time and grill cooking, tropical style. Grill cooking is the second best way to toast your vittles, as long as you employ a tropical or smoke essence by the way of fruit or non-scorching techniques.  Chill and Grill, my friend....or not.

Where do you start?  At the beginning of course. Find out how to get up on a plane with tips in Getting Started Plan, shop and prepare you engulfment with some tips from a seasoned pro that hates making repeated mistakes. And while you are here, see today’s Food News

Smokeacution is the heat of the matter with handy clues on the smoke/grill process. This casual phase of your creation is the essence of the meal where you will be at one with your fire. The culmination of the creation is Chow Time.  Finish off your pleasure with a presentation which will make jaws drop and mouths water.

Recipes are of course the what brings cooks together.  While my ebook contains great and unique recipes, it does not update itself every time I mastermind another luscious savoifare.  So check out Cued’ this Weekend to get the latest recipe of smoke, fire and tropical tartness. And, when this weekend recipe has run its course it will be shuffled off to recipe land where the recipes will gather until I edit Sloooow Cooked Barbecue to include them.  Until then, print all ya like.

Slooow Cook BBQ  site is the home of a eBook; Backyard Barbecue. A delightful compilation of hints, tricks and recipes that will make your cooking experience SMOKE! This book is ready for instant download in various arrangements to your preference for delivery to your desktop and printer. No more waiting for the postman.

Don’t have the time, the energy or the urge to smoke your own but want to tear into some fire wafted food?  Step into the Smokehouse.  Here you will find a variety of smoked foods for you to purchase and have shipped to your door. Mrs. Peters Smokehouse has been in business since 1931, so ya know its got to be good!

TBBQ&G features mail order Alligator Meat.    Choose from tenderized tail chunks, tail slices or leg meat. If you are smokin’, you need to toss on a piece of tail for a delectable delicacy of Florida Farm Raised Alligator. Or, go to the Smokehouse and order a piece of tail from my award winning recipe, smoked by Mrs. Peters! Slide over to the Gator Page to get a full view of what’s available.

When a product or service blows my skirt up, I would like to pass that pitter-patter along. May I Suggest is where links or hoo-ha’s to my favorite products will reside.  Email me to let me know what floats your boat and I will pass it along, too.

Visit us often cause’ we will be adding recipes as I cook on the weekend and pass them along.  When I cook a meal that turns out outrageous, I want the world to know.  So, come back often; or not.  You can always buy the new version of my cookbook later... 

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